If you are looking for something as perfect as a Hilton or
as grand as the Bellagio, you won't find it here.  There
are very few rooms with even floors,  most creak under
foot, and the wear and tear of 130 years of living have
purposely  been  left for all to see.  So, kick back and enjoy
life as it was in 1880's but with the added luxury of the 21st

                                                              The Andrews
Welcome to Turtle Hill
Bob and Cathy Andrews
We are committed to making your stay as
comfortable and pleasant as possible.  In doing
so, the following amenities are offered:

Overhead fans in every room with A/C upon

Access to several common areas (inside and
outside) where you can sit and listen to music,
read, and just simply relax.

Freedom to roam the woods and enjoy the
beautiful countryside.

Large flat screen TV  in each room.

Wireless Internet provided by Verizon Wireless.
(Some restrictions regarding downloads)

A gourmet continental breakfast each  morning.
(Let us know if you are allergic to certain foods.)

An "in-room" refrigerator with beer, wine, and
soft drinks.  (No extra charge.)


When both rooms are booked, the bathroom will
need to be shared.
Spend some time in our
living/music room relaxing in the
sun while you read a
good book or plan the day's
Find a good book and
relax in our library.
The Jazz Room.  Sit and
listen to music, throw
darts, read a book, or play
a board game
Our kitchen
Got fishing?
You bet!!!
Don't have time for a fishing trip?  Tour beautiful Lake Otsego aboard the
Glimmerglass Queen.  Click to go to
Our breakfast area